Rufus Download - Version Rufus 3.17

Rufus Download ist ein Tool, mit dem Sie bootfähige USB-Treiber auf Ihrem Computer erstellen können.

  • Letzte Version : 3.17
  • Zuletzt aktualisiert : October 25th, 2021
  • Lizenz: Freeware
  • Betriebssystem: Windows 7 oder höher
  • Dateigröße : 13.2 MB

Rufus Download For Windows

Rufus is a free, crowd-sourced USB bootable resource. The program runs only on Windows, but can build ISO for Mac, Linux and other operating systems for installing applications. It also allows you to import a new OS to a device without or without an incomplete USB system. Rufus will try to choose a keyboard layout based on the position of your machine if you build a bootable DOS disk and use a non-US keyboard. The default Free DOS collection is therefore recommended through MS-DOS, as more keyboard layouts are supported. So download the newest edition of Rufus for Windows.

Rufus for Windows

How to install Rufus?

First, visit the official website of Rufus Download and scroll down the page. Click on the download button on the page. The Rufus will be downloaded on your Windows PC. Click on the downloaded file from your PC’s downloads folder and follow the given instructions to complete the installation.

Latest version of Rufus

Rufus Download 3.17 is now released as the latest version of Rufus for Windows. It supported operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and has nearly 13.2 MB of file size. This latest version of Rufus Download has free license so you can download is as a completely free software for no cost. The authority of this Rufus Download is belongs to Pete Batard development team.

System Requirements and Technical Details

It can be especially useful for cases where

Speed and Usage

The speed of the tool is one of the major reasons why other users suggest Rufus. Currently, it is twice the speed of its main competitors. In three minutes and 25 seconds it can format and create a bootable flash drive. The time to start the Window 7 boot is 10 seconds faster than WiNToBootic and about 4 seconds faster than UNetbootin. Rufus will lead the race only with one minute and 15 seconds when Ubuntu 11.10 bootable flash drives are produced when Universal USB Installers take five seconds and UNetbootin will last with 30 seconds. In the meantime, in 20 minutes and 15 seconds, Rufus will be able to build a bootable flash drive on Slackware, while UNetbootin will take you an hour.

Boot systems for GPT and UEFI have supported advanced format options are available to make your software compatible. You can also alter file system sort, adjust the label volume, disable fast format and allow for screening of wrong blocks. It also includes a variety of customization. It is thin but full of so many characteristics. As Rufus is an open-source program, the general public license permits you to alter, distribute, and even sell the program. The source and documents can also be viewed.